Contemporary Cake Artist covering the south of England + beyond for modern weddings and events

Our Lockdown Baby!

Our Lockdown Baby! Joshua entered the world on 5th January 2021! But what was it like giving birth in a pandemic? And how did it differ to my previous labours? I share all three of my positive birthing experiences below!  I know i’m a little late in posting this...

My Journey In Cake Design

My Journey In Cake Design How did my cake making career begin? Why did I move into the wedding industry? And how did I become a multi award winning cake designer with a strong brand identity in just over two years?   If you had asked me back in summer 2017 (when...

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog! So, I’ve decided to start a blog!  But who am I? Why have I started this blog and what will I be posting? If you have checked out the “about me” page then you’ll know that my name is Liz and I run CakeBuds who specialise in...

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